Golem and.....who cares.

The group decided once again to make their own way on this mission. We hiked to the site of the golem and after closer inspection realized there was nothing we could do to finish the rite faster. In fact, there was nothing we could do to leave the area of the golem. Dev, the new guy, also showed up to help out. I really don’t care for what happened much less anything else at this point because of what happened after the fight.

There was a secret passage under this pond where the fight took place and beyond the passage was a bland room. Those who defeated the golem were rewarded with a coin inscribed with their face on it. These coins were of course sitting in the middle of the room and showed everyone’s real face.

In other words, there was no Franz coin. I had to come clean so I handed over the note and prepared for the worst. This was a fantastic day. Risk my life for someone else’s personal goals and get rewarded with questioning and betrayal.



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