My name is Jon and I do not trust you.

My name is Jon and I have replaced Franz Thunderhammer. I have been posing as him since the day the party met me and rejected Franz’s offer to have me accompany the party instead of him. Franz wrote a note in Dwarven explaining the situation which would be forfeited should my secret identity every be found out. Naturally, Franz failed to think this through beyond what his Dwarf instincts told him because to my knowledge there is not a single person besides myself that can naturally speak Dwarven.

Franz picked an odd group of people to adventure with and quite frankly they have every right to feel betrayed; however, it pales in comparison to my feelings against them.

First, we have Sydell. The very first week travelling I noticed he was evil. Pure and simple, something inside of him was evil. I figured since Franz trusted him that this individual posed no serious threat. At one point we met a druid who also gave an evil aura. Naturally, the group was angry with me for not telling them or taking action to attack the druid. Why should I? What makes this druid so different than Sydell? Well, the druid did attempt to kill everyone. However, Sydell has a living demon spirit inside of him that he is unsure he can contain so what is to say he will not try to kill us and when that day happens no one in this group has a chance at survival. I might as well just point to every passerby and state their intentions if the group is going to be whiney.

Next up, Penelope. Wow. Why is she alive at all? First she refuses to hand over the child, which is the responsibility of the church, and next she carries it with her while we adventure. On top of that, she put the baby at risk when the evil druid attacked. How am I supposed to feel towards someone who puts someone else’s child at risk like that? It is obviously not hers due to the race and she even acknowledged that it had an affinity to the church. What is she anyway? All she did for the first week was put the child at risk and heal Sydell who has spent the majority of his time killing.

Lily, The Great, is the accompanying bard. Not sure what to make of her. If anything, she aids in Sydell’s killing sprees and is very knowledgeable of whatever area we tend to venture upon. She’s tended to keep to herself around me and stay out of trouble. I have seen her play her harp on several occasions and the results have been exceeding my expectations. She did shoot an innocent child’s pet once.

My acceptance of Marcel Fisher is based on our shared alliance to Lothor and nothing else. He escalated a bar fight to physical means and did not go out of his way to aid travelling merchants. At least Penelope took interest in the merchants’ wares. Also, for being as holy as he proclaims, he tends to have no issue allowing selective murder. Death is not the only solution to conflict. Of all people, he should know this.

Also, there is a staff that Penelope uses quite frequently to mend whoever is injured. I had my chance to use this staff to resurrect Penelope, a child, and a child’s pet. Such great power wielded by a foolish elf? Oddly enough, the staff seemed powerless after I had my time.

Devrem Wolfborne recently accompanied us. He seems rather neutral on every situation and I have yet to see him take preemptive strikes against a foe.

The travelling group consists of someone I would consider a kidnapper, a lore master that records the daily events, a farmer turned vicious murderer, a holy avenger who tends to place the priority of the church under his friends and himself, and a man that has a wolf pet. I trust no one.

Franz is lucky he ordered me to cover for him. I have relied on my own healing capabilities since the staff has not been used on me. Every foe has been slaughtered rather than captured and interrogated. The elf finds a valuable lost item, discovers the protectors and owners, and then refuses to turn it over. It is a blatant affront to my church.

My sole purpose for being here dwindles. My very life is being put at risk daily and for what now? Even if I knew where Franz was located I would not tell this group even if they wanted to confront him in person. They are just as likely to murder him if they see him as a threat. I must keep an eye on Marcel Fisher. As an inquisitor of the church, it is my duty to necessitate their priorities and Marcel must aid in that task. I fully understand why Franz left. Before finding out my true identity, they treated me poorly if at all and mock Lorthor. Only under orders am I here anymore. They’ve done nothing to bring intentional harm to myself but have also done nothing to aid me in any way.

Beyond this mistrust of the entire group, Steel Bouldergate arrived. The group had decided to return to the Dwarven city and handle the entire situation there. Bouldergate informs everyone that it has been demolished and before my questions were even asked there appeared a raid of dragons.

These dragons were of the same breed that had attacked the city. Bouldergate moved us to a safer location atop a platform armed with ballistae. I truly did not care what everyone else did or even if they died. I will show them the same respect and care they showed me since I have joined.

I fired ruthlessly upon the dragons. I hold such a neutral stance against everyone here. It had crossed my mind to aid them rather than protect myself above all others. Three dead dragons later, the platform was encased on protective magic. Sadly, Bouldergate’s mortality got the best of him and he was nowhere to be seen.

The platform had a basement which was rather old. The main room held an orb and evil presences. It was more than Sydell this time. Did I have a responsibility to scout for the auras prior to inspecting the orb? No. Not with this group. For all I had known at the time, it could be more people like Sydell. These auras mean absolutely nothing anymore. I must judge people on their actions rather than their intentions.

Naturally, the auras belonged to unfriendly creatures that were soon dispatched. I aided in their departure from this world since I had no time to worry about possible interrogation. The orb that sat in the middle of the room was revealed to be a prison of sorts that held an old man captive. Upon his release he teleported us to one location of our choice.

The group was dropped off outside of Blarek, the magic capital of the west side of Dromaria.


Nice job again! Good read.


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