Snowbound and Hellbound

Sydell here once again with another installment of “Holy shit, holy shit what is this thing thats taking over me!!!!”, and boy didnt we get waist deep in it this time. After we downed the Ogre we rested up a bit and set off once again. A bit further down the road we encounter a mass of tracks. Upon further inspection i am able to determine they are orc tracks, and a lot of them. Their tracks were heading the same way we were headed on the road so we decided to take a detour through the near by woods to avoid any more orcish entanglements. Unfortuantly what i had not expected was a major weather change for the worse as the sky broke upon and unleashed a frozen wasteland upon us. Had it not of been for Penelopes magic aiding our bodies from freezing and Lilys music stopping our snowbound insanity im not so sure we would have made it. Eventually we could go no further and had to seek shelter in a rocky outcropping that looked previously lived in, but since it was this or nothing we decided to rest there for the evening. Bad Call.

Not long after we settled down for the night when we heard some noise outside our makeshift fort, and before we even knew what was happening we were under attack by Yeti…Yeties…there were two of them. It was a brief, yet violent clash ending with us as the victors though were didnt come out completely unscathed. Regardless we won our selves shelter for the night and thats was more worth it then anything. Im not sure why but the other dont seem to be as affected by this winter madness as i am. How can they stand the feel of thousands of icicles constantly stabbing you? Atleast my sword doesnt seem to be affected by the cold, in fact it seems to be far stronger out here… A little longer and another batch of elementt protection spells for Penelope and we are on our way again. Whats this the appears before us? It seems to be a gaping chasm with the only way across being a bridge apparently mad of solid ice. I didnt like my chances of making it across that safely so i did something for the first time, I let my companions deal with the issue as i could just magically show up on the other side due to my new magic belt. Bad Call No.2. As i was on the other side i really can tell you in great detail what went down but i can tell you what i know. As the others began making there way across the ice bridge a little boym suddenly appeared on the bridge. He called himself Ignatious of the North or some such nonsense and began demanding payment from the other in the form of organs and limbs, it was weird. After awhile it became apparent that this was gonna come to violence though im not sure i can say who started the attack. The others retreat back to the start of the ice bridge as I through my fireball special right at the kids head. The kid is incenrated as is the bridge! Suddenly my chest began the tear and burn fiercely. I fall to my knees as i hope and pray the burn stops spreading and glance up to see…Ignatious floating in mid air seemingly unharmed. Chest burning, mouth agape at the fact that my best did nothing, no way to get back across with risking tearing my soul asunder and no ranged abilities that could be of use i find myself useless and spent. I retreat and cast some defensive spells (oh ya, I cast spells now too!) and hope that my teammates can win the day. Eventually Ignatious retreated sure to return to annoy us another day and another ice bridge appeared, ughh thank god cause i wasnt looking forward to finding another way across for my partners. They make it across with hasty yet caution and we walk on. Eventually we make it to the last town before we get to this dock so we figure we can restock and get out of the cold for the night. We were met by a strange creature called a Malkari. He had four arms and a passive demeanor and he was a delight. After such a dangerous trek across the forested freezer this respite was exactly what we needed. He let us stay in his house and told us all he could of the Elvenari. I sure hope these fellows dont hassle us to much cause i feel like i may need the water from that fountain sooner then later! So with the new knowledge of the Elvenari and a night in a bed we are ready to head to the dock. It wasnt to far and fortune favored us with an easy trip since we could stick to the road once again. The dock was exactly that, just a dock with a small shack next to it. The ferry master came out to greet us and when we told him where we wanted to go he didnt seemed to enthusastic about it. He tried to charge us an absurd price but with a little encouragement from Lily he lowered the price considerably. We make it across just fine and wind up on a deserted beach. The Ferrymaster was just gonna leave us here, but once again Lily to the rescue as she secured on of his rafts for us so we atleast have a way of this island. That Lily sur eis resourceful, shes like a walking Triple A membership! Once on the island we have 2 choices, walk on the beach, or go in the jungle. We chose the jungle since on the way in i noticed some movement in the tress i took to be the Elvenari. After a while we decide to set up camp but we didnt rest long as a little Elvenari girl comes running for here life into our campsite with a snow leopard seemingly hot on her heels. Finely a lucky break, we were in need of an elvenari guide and here comes one right to us and all we have to do is kill this tiger chasing her. Well apparently Lily had the same thought process ass she took a shot at the cats flank and brought it down. Bad Call No.3 The little girl stopped dead in her tracks and looked at us as if we were monsters! Oops, apperently the cat was a friends and as we could see shortly there after she was merely running away from this giant five headed hydra that burst onto the scene, snorting fire and screaming from all five heads. We seemed to have everything under control pretty well until the hydra opened all five mouths for a gout of hellfire that torched everyone and everything but me. Little girl, tiger, and penelope all down for the count. NNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Marcel and I hack into it with everything weve got while Franz and lily did everything they could to get the party back to life. Eventually the Hydra was downed and Penelope, girl and Tiger all back on there feet. We used all but the last of our healing resources on the resurrection, which left Penelope in a weakend state as it was, so we cant count on anymore close calls last that. If one of us falls again it could be for the last time. The little girl was grateful though unable to communicate with us due to the language barrier we shared though she seemed to warm up to us quickly and offered to lead us to here village for a feats and reward…apparently, i dont know i could never tell what she babbling about though penelope seemed to understand her at times. We get to her tree top villages to a less the warm reception, i guess they dont get to many visitors. We are lead to ther high priestess or head witchdoctor or mayor or some such and luckly she spoke common. She wasnt thrilled to see me but she seemed to know what i was there for. She knew i had a dark presence in me but she was the first to tell me it was a second, not just a darker part of me. I know now that i am under attack from an alien presence, and im not winning. She tells me of the fountain but only briefly. If we want a shot at the fountain we gotta go through a right of passage of sorts. She would not elaborate on it further and we were lead to tent to contemplate on it. Lily seemed reluctant to journey with me this time and i cant say I blame her. Its my fault were in this place and if it hadnt been for me Penelope wouldnt have been nearly raped in one instance and nearly killed in another. Also Franz would still have his beard and Marcel would still be a douche. Unfortunatly the High Priestess informs us that we all most go or none of us can so its left my teammates with no options but to stay forced into aiding me or leaving me to be consumed by this darkness. Like true friends they agree to come and I am so grateful, i wouldnt have survived this long without them and i wouldnt last long with out them. We are taking down to a sort of training ground/ archery range to test of to see if we are strong enough for this test which apparently we were because we all hit our targets solidly. Having passed intiation we set out on our test to win the Fountain and hopefully to recover my back to humanity.


Nice Chuck. Great as always. I like the description of the cold bothering you more.

Snowbound and Hellbound

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