The Beginning of the End

The definitive part of any trilogy; the ending

Devrem: Hi there everyone. Its been awhile.

Kessler: What are you doing D?

Devrem: Just saying hi to our readers. Hows that whole talking thing coming along?

Kessler: Readers? odd. The whole talking thing is still strange. though now I know why you humans
don’t stop talking. So many sounds to use; I used to have four.

Devrem: Ha, I bet. Now where was I?

Kessler: Saying Hi?

Devrem: (blank stare) thanks. I think Sidell is cooking pork today and I’m sure he’d like some help.

Kessler: (already running off) Great idea! enjoy talking to yourself D.

Devrem: (shakes head and chuckles) So weird to hear him talking but that does bring us back to
the beginning of our new story…

Meeting Gromath was an indescribable experience. It has been a long time since I’ve put faith in anything but Nature itself but the Demons care nothing for balance or any life but their own. Gromath also fears the imbalance that the Demons bring; the world is always in flux, balance is an ideal that can never be attained, the scales will always tip one way or the other but the Demons mean to destroy the scale completely and I can’t let that happen. I feel that Gromath and I share many of the same ideals and I know I can put faith in the knowledge that what he does he does for the health and protection of Dromaria.

After our showdown with the less than mysterious Shadow (cause I can’t remember who he was), the appearance of Luca and Serenity followed closely by Serenity’s bloody choice we find ourselves aboard Harper’s airship debating our next move. Our planning was rudely interrupted by one of the crew members revealing himself to be a man sized demon bearing a decree from some Demon bitch named Sacrimitas (sounds like VD to me). Turns out Sacrimitas is in charge of the invasion of Dromaria and she sent us a present. At this point the small demon exploded into the biggest, ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Its bulk preceded to put our airship on a crash course for the surface. The usual offenders charged and attacked while the rest set about managing the battlefield. Good thing too, some of the demons henchman had managed to get on board the ship. Luckily the first one to come up from below decks was met with a beautiful drop kick from Kip; sending the poor bastard shooting overboard. The battle continued in the usual blur of sound and blood. Sidell took some serious hits but managed to dislodge the demon from the airship giving Harper a chance to save us all, with some nice spell work from that impassive mage guy that hangs out with us. I took the last bit of fight to the demon, nothing escapes Dust Elemental D, while the rest of the party cleared the ship of enemies.

After the battle Harper had to land the ship because of the massive amount of damage it had suffered in the battle but he was pretty sure he could have it up and running in four days or so. Harper has parked the ship in a strange valley that seems scoped out of the earth. While Harper works on the ship the rest of us have been pitching in when we can or exploring. ON one of my trips I ran across a strange air elemental in the form of a dragon. I approached it as an air elemental and it asked if I had come to free it. I found a strange gem in some rubble below where the elemental appeared. When I picked it up it showed me a vision of a man bringing a strange dragon to this place and spearing it through the heart in a bizarre ritual. I’m going to see if I can help free this tortured spirit before we leave.

As for our next move; we learned of a man named Durant. He is friend, or the demon form of a friend anyway, to Luca. He is also a very dangerous assassin capable of looking like anyone. Through communing with his god Sidell has learned that we should target Durant first. I tend to agree, something with that kind of power is to dangerous to have running around. There is also an item that can help us but we have no idea where it may be.

Devrem: That catches you up to speed so far, we still have so much to do.

Kessler: (licking his chops) the foods done but you should hurry somebody keeps eating all the good pieces.

Devrem: Ha, thanks for the heads up Kessler, lets go get dinner.


Hooray! I lol’d a couple times while reading this, literally! Good stuff.

The Beginning of the End

This was wonderful! Thanks D and Kessler for the great recap.

The Beginning of the End

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