The Dragon and the Grove

Excerpt 141 of the journal of Marcel Fisher, son of Lumen Fisher of Staffons and Gwenethlane Lamisine of the noble house Felisima, Chosen of Light in the service of the almighty Lothar and Paladin of the Shield in the Holy Order, husband of Penelope Naïlo, savior of the prince elect of the royal line of Ania, and last student of the fabled knight Saber Dharst.

The last few days have been trying, to say the least. Master Harper’s ship, Veera as he calls her, is looking better but is still damaged from the fray. Hopefully it shall be working again on the morrow. His recent disposition fills me with dread. It as if his heart-strings have been twisted into the strange knots that bind the rigging’s of his ship. The power he possesses is great, but I fear he worries too much for the plane of his birth. No one’s support has helped us more. I must remind myself to see if I can offer him payment or services for his aid.

I am filled with concern over the enemies we now face, desperate to protect those I love.
I fret to tell my companions of the true power of the demon sent against us. While they have seen the immense strength for themselves, our victory may give us a sense of false resolve. We must remember to be humble in the eyes of Lothor. Only in humility will we find true strength.

Devrem found a strange artifact amongst the ruins of Tolak Broke. It was a beautiful gem, swirling with mist and clouds. Upon touching it we were shown a vision of a past betrayal. Lucca appeared upon the back of a Primal Cloud Dragon, slaying it shortly after landing in the ruins we now tread. The dragon beckoned us to avenge its death, as well as his fellow brethren who were slain at the hands of Lucca. We have agreed to undertake this task, albeit at our own pace. The closest remnants appear to be under the ocean; those of a Primal Magma Dragon that went by the name of Ferrous. Upon agreement the gem transformed into a pair of daggers which Kip has taken up with the intent to tear down Lucca’s throne.

A Chosen of Polurn by the name of Requiem arrived with the night, coming in from the sea. Her somber disposition was comforting considering the mantle she carries. She informed us of events taking place in Ania, gauging our reactions. From what I can glean, those in power are going to attack Blarek early. This could be disastrous for humanity as a whole. We must make our way to Ania with haste, hopefully in time to avert this catastrophe. My concern is that Durant has placed himself in power within the capitol.

The day continued at a fierce pace with a visage from The Order of the Vale appearing before Devrem. The grove was under attack, flames consuming plant-life and bodies alike. Harper was able to transport us to battle through some mechanism aboard Veera. It did not matter that we were stepping into a trap, we set out to save those we could.

Upon our arrival we saw flames rising and falling with the whims of the wind. In the distance the air became chill with the screams of those under a foul curse. Before us sat a dwarf, relaxing upon a stump, trimming his nails as if the chaos surrounding him were mere frivolities. The trees nearby shook with tremors.

Sydell and Devrem launched themselves against the dwarf while Kip took to the woods, finding the shadows she is so familiar with. It was in these moments that I realize how familiar I have become with the constant fighting. Our war feels as if it is never-ending, driven forward by the desire to save those we love dearest. Nearby Devin began to summon creatures of the Abyss to his aid. Spotting a giant figure to the west I charged in, slicing into his forearm with the bite of my sword. From deeper into the grove a bone-grinding scream split the very fabric of reality, shaking the resolve of any nearby. Many of my companions fled, leaving only myself, Devrem, and Devin. Thankfully the fearsome beast with which I was engaged also fled.

From within the depths of the woods a creature from the very bowels of the earth flew around the field. I now know that it was a Wendigo, something from nightmares themselves. Even with the protection and resolve given to me by Lothor, I never wish to see such a horror again. The next few moments of the battle became a blur of steel and magic. Devrem engaging the Wendigo, Devin making some kind of pact with the dwarven mage, while I was engaged with his dog-like familiar. Walls of ice and force lined the field, elemental faced off against the horned outsider, and I did what I could to lend those around me the strength of Lothor.

Thanks to the quick thinking and new skills of Devin, as well as the might of Devrem, we were able to hold off the force until our companions returned to the scene. With their aid we finished off the Wendigo. From the distance we heard the thunderous yell of the giant creature. Without too much aplomb we struck him down. My dearest Penelope turning him into a pile of ash.

With tensions high, Devin struck a deal for information from the wizard, a man known only as Club. He was hired by Serenity, something that pulls deeply at my conscious. There appears to have been weeks of planning, striking at The Order of the Vale when the Wendigo had done its work. Club left quickly after being payed, sensing the disapproving glare of those surrounding him. I fear if he had stuck around much longer even I would have been tempted to get revenge for my friends. From the area the Wendigo had come from we found many of Devrem’s peers inert. Their stares still haunt me as I write this entry. Penelope, with the aid of Vale, healed Hunter’s mind. Hopefully he will be able to shake free of whatever torment he was part of and gradually heal the others of the order. I will have to speak with Devrem about this development. His bond with those here is deeper than we are aware of. I fear we may be without him for some time.

Master Harper will arrive shortly. Baring any further setbacks we shall soon move onto Ania. I am terrified of the prospect of striking at the wrong foes. Penelope and I will discuss matters further before getting what little rest we can. Lothor guide me in the trials I will soon face.


Nice, and very well written. Marcel, stop being a bitch.

The Dragon and the Grove

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