The Embers; a short story.

Looking for answers and all we seem to find is more questions.

Hello everyone. D here, “woof!” and Kesler of course, we’ve joined up with a rather rag-tag group of adventurers that came through the Elvenari lands seeking materials for a cleansing ritual. I decided to join them for a couple of different reasons and I’m glad they agreed to take us along, partly I’ve been in one place to long and these Elvanari are so intent on ceremony its crazy. It should not take a 2 hour prayer before you can eat breakfast, hell by the time your done its already time for brunch. However; my major reason is Sydell and his party themselves. Sydell has been infected by a demonic presence, a very powerful one if I’m not mistaken, and such things do not happen by chance so something much larger must be going on. I haven’t heard from the order in quite some time so perhaps they are ignorant of these events.

After the rather harrowing test for the Elvanari and the rescue of an old wizard we were transported to just outside Blarek, the city of mages. Here the group agreed to separate for a time, Sydell wished to search out the Embers and their deity, Mighty God, to learn the next step he should take while Lily felt that the mage city was the best place to find more information about not only the demon but the forces that seem to be working against my new friends. I have heard of the Embers but have never had the chance to meet one so I decided to join Sydell on his journey and Marcel came along as well.

We headed northeast towards the mountains, Sydell had met Ember’s before but it had been on the other side of Dromaria so we know it would be a bit of a hunt or so we thought. The journey was a pleasant one and gave me a chance to get to know Sydell and Marcel a bit more. After about two weeks on the road we came across a very cleverly hidden opening in the cliff face and heard voices from inside so we went to investigate. When we entered the cave the first thing we noticed were two figures standing next to some small cages, then promptly one of the figures seemed to fade away. The other figure stepped forward and turned out to be a rather dangerous looking orc, “growl!”, who said, to our surprise since we’d never been here, that he’d been waiting for us. It was then that we noticed the small bodies that were in the cages barely moving and one not moving at all. With an obvious enemy barring our way and another lurking somewhere in the darkness we knew we couldn’t waste any time so we struck.

The fight was rough but ended quickly. I launched my spear at the orc to by some time as Kesler darted in to strike at his legs and managed to keep the orc off balance. We were joined shortly by Sydell and Marcel. As we continued the attack on the orc I caught the flash of movement out of the corner of my eye as a crossbow bolt went shooting past us. The second bolt took Sydell in the shoulder but it didn’t seem to bother him and he turned to deal with the shooter. To keep the archer from making an escape I used faerie fire to outline him. The orc was a fierce opponent and no matter how often Kesler and Marcel struck he wouldn’t stay down. The archer was another matter, Sydell had drawn his scythe to reach the archer, where he sat perched on the side of an overhang, and managed a strong blow to his legs sending him sprawling and begging for mercy. Sensing a chance to get some answers I leapt from Kesler’s back, leaving the orc to him and Marcel, and made my way to the side of the cliff. I shaped the stone of the cliff face into a cage holding the archer. During this time the orc lashed out crushing heavily into Kesler’s side before he was put down by Sydell. The fight over I went to check on Kesler and the people trapped in the cages that I could only assume were Embers.

Between the Embers and the captured archer, who turned out to be a gnome thief, we learned that the Trust had sent similar groups to all the places Sydell’s group had found shelter and help. Few of the Ember’s survived the slaughter but Marcel and I managed to save the ones we could and find the few that had fled into the caves. These ember’s have a unique ability to mold earth and stone much like me but theirs seems to be inborn. After seeing to the Ember’s Sydell began to ask about Mighty God and whether there was a way to speak to them. In the past Sydell has dealt with Mighty God’s emissary on Dromaria, the lady in the lake, and this was seen as a great honor to the Embers. For our help they took us to the stature of Mighty God they keep in there cavernous home right next to a large underground lake. Apparently hearing the voice of Mighty God Sydell simply walked into the lake. After awhile Sydell reemerged from the lake bringing both good news and bad. While he now knew the next step he had to take on his personal journey our friends where in great danger in Blarek. We thanked the Embers for their help and left the gnome thief for their justice and began a hard ride towards Blarek hoping we weren’t to late.


That was the most informative blog yet! I love that we do this.

The Embers; a short story.

Awesome. I love that even though this was a side quest Sydell wanted to go on there is still personal investment from you. Great job Mitch.

The Embers; a short story.

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