The Order of the Vale

Protectors of Dromaria

The Order of the Vale

Purpose: To protect the natural balance of Dromaria. The vale has no concern with mortal affairs. The rise and fall of kingdoms is as natural as the rise and fall of any species in the natural world. the Order is concerned with those who would unbalance the scale and pervert the natural order. To this end they focus on Outsiders, Undead, and Abberations and the mortals that chose to work for/with such entities.

Structure: The Order of the Vale is led by a council of seven headed by the Heiarch. The council is composed of two members of each neutral alignment; True Neutral, Neutral Good, and Neutral Evil. The Heiarch can be of any alignment. When a council seat is open the existing members of the council may nominate people for the position. All nominees must be members of the Order of the Vale and years of experience count highly in the consideration. the Heiarch is chosen in the same way. Once the nominations have been made it comes down to a simple vote.

The main headquarters of the Order is located near the Ember city of Stonehome in the shelter of the World tree (planted by Devrem Wolfborne) the symbol of their order. Smaller groves dot the rest of Dromaria tasked with watching and maintaining their individual territories. The Order prides itself on its constant flow of information, which is imperative to their work.

The Order also approaches the kingdoms of Dromaria in an effort to form a connection to the mortals of Dromaria. Mostly it gives the rulers a direct line to the Order in case of threats from the Orders enemies. In the case of a large scale attack that threatens much of Dromaria it allows for the forming of a war council composed of the kingdoms involved, one delegate each, and the Heiarch, or his delegate if necessary. The war council’s job is to take stock of the situation and work out a joint defense and attack plan to free Dromaria from the threat.



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