Sydell Mazer

Former farmer determined to redeem himself.


It had been a long, hot day out in those dusty plains he called his fields. It had been one of the warmest summers in history. Crops struggled to grow, animals weren’t breeding, and water was scarce. All the townspeople had suffered similar hardships, Sydell however had no idea the kind of hardships that awaited him that evening.

It was midnight at the home of Sydell Mazer. Bone tired after his daily war with the earth, putting every ounce of everything into coaxing life from the barren soil, he was unable to sleep. It had been that way for two months. He knew that he couldn’t keep up his grueling pace while not sleeping or eating. Sydell also new that he couldn’t make it much longer out here. The futility of his work, accompanied by the gnawing hunger was slowly driving him mad. Sydell knew there was no way that the box would let him leave this place, not now.

Two months had passed since the night that damned box had fallen from the sky into his stable. He had gone to investigate a loud noise when discovered it lying amongst the the rubble of the ceiling. It was terrible beauty. The box was the blackest of black with what appeared to be a type of script wrought in gold. Sydell knew it was sure to cause envy and jealousy, so he hid it in his attic. Then he began to deflect all question regarding the noise and the damage to his property. He even became hostile towards some of his closest neighbors. They just didn’t understand and they never would!

And so for two months Cydell sat in his home trying to figure out the mysteries that it contained. The longer he failed to grow his crops the more he leaned on the box. It was on that evening that he finally decided he would open it. He rose from bed and climbed the ladder to his attic where he spotted the box, just where it always was, seemingly calling to him. Sydell ran his fingers across the script and the box begins to glow. It was almost as if an unseen hand was guiding him as he frantically traced the script flowing along the lid. He finished the last and a small click was all that he heard.

Sydell collapsed in a heap as the box began to open. A monstrous Baylor emerged from its shadowy depths. “Finally I have been freed, yet it is too soon! Ah though it appears a vessel has shown itself to me. I will occupy him until I have returned to my full power.” The demon extended his hand as flames began to tip his fingers. It sank its claws into Sydells chest, followed by his wrist and elbow. Soon the Baylor has completely engulfed itself into the farmer.

Sydell woke with a start and found that he had lost all control of himself. His feet began to raise him off the ground. The box that was there just moments ago had completely disappeared! Frightened to no end he tried to scream but he couldn’t open his mouth. He could only watch in horror as he was being torn away from himself. Sydell looked to his hand as flames began to erupt from his fingers. He lowered it to the floorboards and dug his fingertips in. He felt something close in his hand as whatever had taken hold of him drew his arm from the floor as a blade made of pure flame was drawn out with it.

The neighbors looking out their window would saw an image out of a nightmare emerge from the house. Sydell, looking sleep deprived and starve crazed, strode across their field, burning blade in hand. They were helpless to stop his slaughter as Sydell began to destroy. Home after home went up in flames. Body after body mounding up. Sydell could only watch it all inside of himself. There was hope yet however. The demon had extended too much energy during his rampage and he could not keep Sydell at bay forever as he wanted. With a cry Sydell threw everything he was at the mental cage he had been locked away in and it gave. With a mixed cry Baylor and Sydell collapsed to the ground.

He awoke in destruction. He couldn’t remember anything that had happened after he had tried to open the box. All he knew was that he was the sole survivor in an attack that had leveled an entire town. On unsteady legs he made himself rise. Sydell would find out what had happened here this day, and just maybe, discover the secret of what was inside the box. He would not have to look far as the demon was still inside him, watching and waiting. Strengthening for the time when he could take control again, for good.

Sydell Mazer

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