Yela Boundstone

Barkeep and owner of The Dragon's Roost in Shelter Lake


Race: Dwarf
Sex: Female
Profession: Barkeep and Owner of The Dragon’s Roost
Class: Commoner
Age: 66


Yela purchased and refurnished the inn hoping to find her fortune in the small trade hub of Shelter Lake. The Dragon’s Roost had become a well known stopping point as travelers made their ways south, and with this renown her dreams started to become a reality. Along with finding her fortune she also found her passion as running the inn introduced her to more interesting people than she ever thought to encounter.

Yela is well known as a regular source of knowledge about the southern half of The Eastlands. Her skills for remembering faces and names have garnered her a fair reputation, specifically as a contact with bards and rogues.

Due to the fire which burned down her inn Yela now bears a large scar on the left side of her face. She has started to rebuild but the process will take quite awhile.

Yela Boundstone

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