Believe in the hunt. Respect the very nature of it. Do not go beyond the limits of what is necessary. Animals are the most important part of the balance of nature and the cycle of life. The nature of shapeshifters is always in precarious balance. There are creatures that are a sheer perversion of nature; those who have been changed through evil or malevolent means. Through whatever means they need to be hunted and either returned to their original pure state or killed.

Chosen Domains

Wild Animals:

The majority of those who follow Benikio do so out of respect or need. He is often prayed to before a hunt, or in the presence of a wild animal. Those who have been afflicted by a were-creature often seek out worshipers to help them in their time of need. Druids often follow his path as they are intimately involved with the nature of Benikio’s teachings.

Benikio has very few worshipers sponsored by a church, although those who do follow a very specific purpose.

Clerics of Benikio are typically not sponsored by the church itself, instead are those who believe strongly in his dogma. Whether activists for animals, or dedicated hunters, clerics of Benikio are self-appointed individuals who truly believe in their cause.

Paladins of Benikio are exceedingly rare. The very few who exist are guards at the Church at the World Tree and at the Schools of Summer. Their dedicated purpose is to protect those who reside there and the very few treasures kept by the church.

Inquisitors of Benikio are the most sought out of his followers, yet they are still rare to see. While following Benikio’s dogma, they tend to focus very heavily on ridding the world of malevolent shapeshifters. They actively hunt those who have been bitten by were-creatures to slay them or help them find a cure. They also seek out those who seek to change the form of others through magic, finding worshipers of Ishkul as the worst type of scum.

Important Locations
the Church at the World Tree
the Schools of Summer

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