Goodly Gods

Daruun – Lawful Good
Goddess of Agriculture, Hearth, and Spring

Lothor – Lawful Good
God of Justice, Law, and Light
Symbol: Fist grabbing a sun

Mighty God – Lawful Good
God of the Competition, Embers, and Protection
Symbol: Silhouette of a flexing man

Asir – Neutral Good
Goddess of Healing, Life, and Summer

Matunas – Neutral Good
God of Dragons, Magic, and Morality
Symbol: Dragon in flight clutching a staff

Sorona – Neutral Good
Goddess of Ceremony, Peace, and Reprieve

Benikio – Chaotic Good
Goddess of the Hunt, Shapeshifting, and Wild Animals
Symbol: The silhouette of a man with the silhouette of a tree behind him

Tus’ Alim – Chaotic Good
God of Ancestry, Wilderness, and Wisdom

Vale – Chaotic Good
Goddess of Beauty, Birth, and Vitality

Goodly Gods

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