The Eastlands

The Eastlands maintains a troubled past of prejudice and political strife stemming from the relationship between the peoples of Ania and Blarek. The Eastlands consists of numerous small towns and only a few larger cities. The capitol, Ania, is the largest city in the world and is the center of government for this side of the continent. As a stereotypical whole Eastlanders are a prejudicial lot, preferring to maintain their own simple methods instead of using or relying on any kind of magical aid.

Major Cities
Towns and Villages


Upon the creation of the world the gods created a separation of those with magic and those without. The Eastlands held only the races of humans, dwarves, and halflings. A trend that would continue for nearly 1000 years. As the citizens advanced in technology, and began to discover the lands around them, an urge for discovery and adventure took hold. Travelers began to move west in hopes of seeking new lands and riches. While at the same time in the west new magics were being discovered that would change the face of Dromaria forever.

In a large series of underground tunnels a combination of gnomes and dwarves were making their way under the continent. Settlements were being established and an entirely new system of underground living was being created. While this was happening under The Eastlands, disaster was about to strike above. A rapid series of events, beginning with the first discovery of the city of Blarek. Currently under construction, Blarek was the center of magic in The Westlands. New discoveries were underway and the people were working toward using this as a system of government. The first few eastlanders to make their way through the mountains now known as The Hold, were shocked and repulsed with the evil ways of those on the other side.

After traveling for months they returned home with tales of hideous monsters and evil sorcery. The people of the east were not sure how to react, unable to comprehend the idea of magic or creatures beyond their own wildlife. With a newly assembled force they made their way west, ready to face whatever horrors awaited them.

The Eastlands

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