Always maintain balance, not purely through watching events unfold, but also by taking part in them. Natural balance is a precarious venture, only understood by those who truly follow in the guidance of Dromaria. Shifts in power are expected, as is the nature of chaos and law. Always remember that the events of mortals are fleeting, so it is instead the boundaries of Dromaria that must be watched and guided. Focus on the order of nature and that which disrupts it. Creations from outside the realm of nature should be sent back to where they belong, whether it is from beyond the material plane or back to the realm of the dead. They are perversions to the natural order.

Chosen Domains
One With the World: While in the material plane of Dromaria, the Chosen is able to stay maintain perfect harmony within themselves. Five times per day the Chosen may roll two d20’s instead of one and take the better of the results.

The Warden of Dromaria: The Chosen is considered to have Outsiders, Abberations, and Undead as Favored Enemies as per the Ranger class ability. They consider their level as the class level for all effects.

Order of the Vale

Important Locations

Current Chosen: Devrem “D” Wolfborne


Creation Matunas